Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interview with Psychic Investigator Ms.S.Poyer

Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: You told me earlier that you have written three paranormal novels and book four in the works! Writing a book series must be hard work and take a lot of research. So what made you write these books and how do you differ from other authors?
Lura Ketchledge: In 1987 I had a dream of a story.That story became my first novel. I take the reader on a journey into the paranormal where they will learn about ‘Near Death Experience,’ find out the reasons ghosts do what they do, and the laws that govern the non-physical world.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: I heard you on the radio calling yourself ‘The Accidental Psychic’. Tell me what you meant by that?
Lura Ketchledge: After my accident I gained my psychic abilities.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: How do you differ from other psychics on TV?
Lura Ketchledge: I don’t have the personally of a psychic.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: How so?
Lura Ketchledge: I don’t believe some of the TV psychics that claim after meetings someone for two minutes they can see their poor dead Aunt Sally standing behind them.I would never take money from people who for instance lost a child even if I could contact thier spirit. What I am saying is in the beginning psychics in general turned me off and I subsequently tuned them out.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: I read in your biography that as a teen you fell off a horse and died is that true?
Lura Ketchledge: Yes that’s true but you are leaving out the part that after I died I came back!
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: Is that the only reason you became a psychic?
Lura Ketchledge: I don’t have a simple answer to your question. I think there are two major factors that collided in my life giving me the ability to see the dead. First the psychic gift ran in my family zigzagging through generations skipping most but touching some. So I think I had a jump start into the paranormal but didn’t know it .As I said before when I died and came back I returned with psychic gifts.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: You know Lura most people would give anything to know there is life after death. Something tells me your not one of them.
Lura Ketchledge: I think if anyone got the gift abruptly without warning most would want to give it back!
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: How many times have you seen a ghost Lura?
Lura Ketchledge: All will admit that I have seen a spirit over a hundred times and under a thousand times.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: I like your gallows humor Lura did that spill over into any of your books.
Lura Ketchledge: Yes
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: On your web page I read previews of you novels as well as your radio interviews and magazine articles. Can you tell us about your novels Lura?
Lura Ketchledge: I have written a series of books and five separate stories that comprise three full novels. They are packed with the paranormal, ghosts, ‘Near Death Experience’, psychic ability and reincarnation.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: So why have you waited so long to find an agent and get a book deal?
Lura Ketchledge: In publishing the cart comes before the horse. I have spent years building these characters, writing stories that interlock and developing my craft. So the answer to your question, I am looking for an agent and a publisher now. The reason I waited so long because I wanted to present a series of books to a publisher and show them I am not a one trick pony! Sorry to say some writers only have one good book in them. Another point I want to make about my books is that each one is different.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: How do your books differ from one another?
Lura Ketchledge: The short and sweet answer is that in each book the central character changes. In my second book I take a minor character from the first book and have her become the central character. While I continue the story in my series the reader gets to know each character.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: Not all authors take the time to develop minor characters with rich back grounds and complex emotions.
Lura Ketchledge: Take away the super-natural theme in my stories and they can stand on thier own.There is a real plot with mystery, action, and romance swirling in and out of my books. It’s not the usual one- dimensional stick people in a horror novel.You won't find some half naked co-ed running threw a haunted house being chased by a inbred hillbilly with a chain saw.
Psychic Investigator Ms.Poyer: Once your book gets published I see a movie deal right around the corner!